Insights January 30, 2015

“Our new suit.”

Living Word
By Living Word
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Have you ever been measured for a new suit or designer dress?

If it’s a bespoke outfit, you’ll appreciate that, with all the numerous fittings and adjustments, it’s not something that can be rushed. The final cut though is superb compared to something mediocre you can buy off-the-shelf. A bespoke suit doesn’t just ‘do the job’ – it fits like a glove, it is contoured to your needs and screams quality.

Well, if you’ve visited our website recently, you may already have noticed our new logo and rebrand. Only our Journal is live at the moment but from September we’ll be showing you a great deal more!

logo construction2

But this is far more than a superficial makeover.

We’ve also made sure we’re in good shape for our new look – we’ve toned up a little, got ourselves in trim. We’re smarter, fitter and more efficient than ever – and that means we’re ideally placed to help you to be the same. That means you too will feel the benefit, because we’re making sure we’re cutting our cloth to suit your linguistic needs.

Soon, we’ll be telling you about some new services we can offer – many of them tailored just for you. Our ‘matching accessories’, so to speak… creative, elegant and functional, but never bling.

They’ll include our proofreading only service, for those who use in-house translators and copywriters, a typesetting process to help those wishing to print or display their translated documents professionally, and much more besides.

We’ve taken on additional linguists – each as professional, experienced and qualified as the rest of our team and all capable of working with the most demanding of texts in the most creative of ways.

And we’ll make sure you’re among the first to know about our latest developments and services as we’ll keep you right up to date through our website, regular newsletter and social media.

We’re excited because we know translation has never looked so good.

See you on the catwalk!

Couple shot 1 LR

Craig & Katharine, Living Word.