Standalone proofreading is for your in-house copy or translations

Proofreading will ensure your text:

- is free from spelling and grammar errors
- has the correct numeric information, as per the source text
- is in keeping with your brand and concept

Since words are what we deal in, Living Word linguists diligently proofread everything before it leaves our doors, as standard - it’s part of our quality control process.

However, if you’ve already gathered all the material your campaign needs, we can offer proofreading as a standalone service to make sure you haven’t missed a beat.

Our well-trained eyes can spot any tweaks your campaign might need before it goes live and with native-speaking copywriters from the country where your content will be exposed, our proofreading service will make sure not a single character, accent, or oxford comma is out of place.

An in-house translator may know your brand best, but with our skills in interpretation of meaning, and knowledge of the industry we can ensure your translation stays on message and addresses your clients in the right way - another advantage of careful proofreading.

For more information about our proofreading service can help you, please drop us a line.