Insights July 7, 2019

“Where the rubber meets the road.”

By Living Word
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As a business that specialises in providing linguistic support for the automotive industry, it’s really good to get great feedback from time to time. Here’s what a few of our valued automotive clients think about our service.


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By the Digital Manager, Chevrolet Europe GmbH

“Living Word has provided Chevrolet Europe with outstanding service during the past two and a half years providing website translations in 30+ languages for our Chevrolet websites in Europe and South West Asia.

In 2012, we decided to centralise all of our web translations services rather than using in-market agencies and/or local Chevrolet employees to improve the quality of the web content, reduce overall costs, and to be faster to market.

Living Word provided us with experienced web translators for all of our markets, who were also specialised in the automotive industry. Their translators were familiar with the most common terminology used within the industry and they were able to combine their automotive knowledge together with best practice writing for the web. All of our websites consistently ranked in page one of the search engine results for our branded and strategic non-branded keywords – a testament of their web translations skills.

One of the things that we most appreciated and valued from our partnership with Living Word was their willingness to “get it right” for Chevrolet Europe’s specific needs.

As such, they participated in a special training session to understand our natural search objectives and approach, as well as to learn about the Chevrolet brand and tonality. They agreed to allocate designated writers for each language so that they became familiar with the marketing team’s likes and dislikes. In the rare instances where some markets were not entirely happy with their translators, Living Word quickly found a more appropriate one. Living Word was even willing to take on a couple of local-market freelance translators that some markets were happy with and did not want to lose.

In summary, I was impressed with their collaborative working approach, how willing they were to go the extra mile for us with no complaints, their ability to work to some tight deadlines and, after a short settling in period, markets never had to do more than one round of reviews on translated text.”

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by Digital Marketing, Opel Vauxhall

“On the recommendation of our digital agency, Ignition, we started working directly with Living Word when we migrated to a new responsive web design.

As Content Strategist and SEO lead on the project, and being a linguist myself, I took special interest in the topic of localisation as a whole. Our content needed to be translated into around 40 different European languages, ranging from relatively familiar French and German on the one side to Estonian and Bulgarian on the other.

What really impressed me and the rest of the team was the fact that they took our briefing and SEO training on board, cascading it down to their network of translators. In fact, none of their translators was able to start working without fully buying into the training.

That was a general impression, but Living Word also worked for us translating articles we produced every month for the “Discover Chevrolet” section of the websites. Again, these had to be translated into multiple languages, to tight deadlines and covered a wide range of topics. We published these on the markets’ behalf directly. To manage costs, all the articles were 400 words long. Costs were, in fact, extremely reasonable.

Living Word more than met our expectations, but above all, they met our markets’ expectations. In my now long experience of managing “hub and spoke” projects – centrally defined, locally implemented – one of the biggest pain-points is usually translation, high levels of dissatisfaction with the quality of translations from our market colleagues. The first thing to say is that the number of complaints was extremely low but, perhaps more impressive still, when we did get a complaint from one of our markets, the matter was dealt with quickly to the satisfaction of all.

We all worked seamlessly together: our digital agency, Ignition, the team at Chevrolet Europe and Living Word. I would not hesitate in recommending this highly competent and professional agency.”


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by Business Lead, GM

“I have known and worked with Katharine Marr, the company’s Managing Director, since 2004, and have collaborated with her on numerous projects for General Motors, most recently in my role as head of project management – Business Lead GM with Ignition Groupe GmbH.

In that time, the translations we have been provided with have exceeded expectation with attention given not only to the accuracy of the translations, but also to the contextual material and the underlying messages behind the text.

Linguist translations have always been delivered within the agreed deadlines – often early. They have worked for us on more than 35 languages and markets on projects that have been sometimes complex, sometimes technical and sometimes creative.

The task of getting our requirements delivered efficiently and on time has been greatly facilitated by Kath’s decision to assign a dedicated project manager to work with my colleagues. This has allowed them to be flexible, even with short notice and time critical jobs, and made communication with the team easy and speedy.

Their business process ensures that all their work receives a double check for both accuracy and presentation and they always endeavor to ensure any potential language issues are ironed out at an early stage. The linguists, who are mostly based in target countries, are adept at ensuring information is accurate and pertinent to the market they are translating for.

The company offers first rate quality and service, and as such, represents excellent value. Across-the-board, we are always happy with their work.

In the eight years living word has been working with ignition GmbH, they have proved to be an ideal and reliable partner, no doubt that is a result of their background in automotive and marketing translation. The company has grown and adapted over time and, I believe, can be considered a trusted brand in the translation industry. They provide quality translation across Europe and around the world.”


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by the Head of Operations, Leo Burnett

“I write in my capacity as Head of Operations Leo Burnett Germany to recommend Living Word Language Services Ltd.

I had the opportunity to work with Living Word for several years, and found them to be a professional, trustworthy and reliable company. The quality of their translations was always of a very high standard and completed on time.

In addition, I found Living Word value for money and an asset to our working practices.

During the time we work together, the company supplied the large majority of translations for printed literature, such as catalogues, printed advertisements and price lists, for our work with Cadillac Europe.

The demands of our client at that time were very high and the support given to us by Living Word was invaluable. They were more than willing to put in the extra effort and time required to enable us to meet the often strict and short deadlines demanded by our client and did not hesitate to work well beyond office hours, usually at no extra cost.

They also made valid suggestions as to how the translation process and the terminology used could be managed consistently across all projects, using available translation tools and other methods.

Living Word is a company with which it is easy to forge a solid working relationship and whose values in serving the client in a timely and professional manner are on a par with ours and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”