Work May 20, 2019

Translating with flare and flavour.

Living Word
By Living Word

In a bid to secure Lays as a new client, we were approached in early 2018 by Amsterdam’s 180 Kingsday to translate an upcoming Lays ‘UCL Anthem’ Football Celebrity campaign pitch script into European Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish.

Lays are a famous brand of potato chips in Europe, probably better known as Walkers Crips in the UK and Ireland.

We were tasked with transcreating the main script and adapting the title “Lay’s United. Bring the Flavour” for voice over, offering a number of various options, back translations and rationale.

Let’s get this party started!

The Brazilian version of film below shows a group of friends in good spirits sat in a living room waiting for kick-off. As the first chords of the UEFA Champions League anthem ring out, the friends start singing along together. One member of the party opens a bag of Lay’s potato chips which instantly causes various football celebrities to suddenly appear in the room singing along with them. Others open more bags causing more famous football celebrities to appear.

Footballer Ricardo Kaká joins in the chorus.

One epic party of celebrities and fans ensues, brought together under the heading “Lay’s United. Bring the Flavour.”

In the end 180 secured their new client, with a little help from their favourite translation agency!

30″ Campaign Ad with Brazilian Portuguese Voiceover.