Chinese translation and typesetting

Your marketing materials in perfect Chinese

Our Chinese translation and typesetting service will ensure your brochures and adverts are:

- translated correctly and appropriately
- typeset and ready to print
- engaging to Chinese readers in the target market

As China continues to be one of the world's most sought-after economies to do business with, our Chinese translation and typesetting service will help you reach out to the country's business leaders, communities and consumers.

Our aim is to make your Chinese-language marketing every bit as engaging as the marketing you use in your own country.

China not only has different languages, but also a different culture and way of doing business. So, right from the start you need to ensure that however you reach out, you use the right terminology in the right way, in the right language and that it looks right too! The Chinese need to be approached in an appropriate manner, spoken to in a certain way and respected at all times in communications.

We have a team of Chinese linguists who know these things. They understand the language, the country, its people and its values - because they are native speakers of that language, live in that country and move among its communities. Our Chinese translators will work on your text from the point of view of a Chinese native to ensure the language used is factually, grammatically and culturally correct. They will use their creative flair in a way that will engage your audience and deliver the perfect Chinese text for your needs.

Our Chinese typesetting associates are also experts in their field. There are numerous forms of spoken Chinese - Mandarin, Cantonese and Wu, for example - and two standard ways of writing - Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Our typesetters work in both. They can typeset your marketing materials perfectly so that every character and every image is exactly as it should be - and in an appropriate font for the subject matter and audience.

But we leave nothing to chance. After our Chinese typesetters have worked their magic, our linguists will inspect your documents again - a double check to ensure nothing has been missed and nothing is out of place.

From your point of view, the process couldn't be easier - you send your artwork to us - we send a print-ready document back to you in Chinese - translated and typeset. Of course, we will discuss fully with you any issues and recommendations made by both our translators and typesetters as things progress to make sure you are happy at every stage.

For more information about our Chinese translation and typesetting service, please email us or call +44 (0)845 873 78 98.