Insights June 8, 2020

Embracing change at a time of adversity: The Drum’s Digital Transformation Festival

Living Word
By Living Word

All over the world, marketing and communications plans that were crafted previous to the coronavirus crisis have been parked, and brands and businesses are changing gear while trying to navigate a world where it’s hard to predict what’s ahead. One thing seems certain, though: being agile and adaptable goes a long way, and The Drum has been leading the way with the pioneering Digital Transformation Festival.

As the go-to media platform for marketers who seek insights on all things creative, advertising, digital and media, The Drum reacted quickly and swiftly to the unreal reality of the pandemic by moving all its planned and much-anticipated events and talks online – not only to make sure that its audience didn’t miss out on all the great content, but also to equip them with timely tools for navigating the foggy landscape the coronavirus left us with.

New creative routes to reach customers

The Drum launched the global Digital Transformation Festival already on March 16th, with a line-up including panel sessions, roundtable talks and interviews offering a wealth of knowledge, insights and inspiration from some of the world’s most prominent brands and industry leaders. Building customer relationships during uncertain times; the future of work; top tips for agency pitching on Zoom – these are just a few examples of the festival’s many relevant and timely topics, available for free from anywhere with an internet connection.

Marketing in a changing world

Taking physical gatherings and transforming them into a virtual one is a bold move, which goes to show that The Drum walks the talk – by taking action, inspiring and supporting its followers just as adapting to the changing world becomes absolutely pivotal for marketing teams. And this comes from a media platform that, ever since its first print magazine was issued, has been fuelled by the belief that “marketing can change the world”. The Drum is now showing us all how marketing can also change with it.

While there are many takeaways from the last few months, it will be interesting to see what other changes we’ll see in the world of creative – and how permanent they’ll be. Whether you’re a marketer, a brand representative or an agency, being able to embrace unexpected change and act quickly to meet the changing needs of your customers will always pay off – especially online.