Work June 3, 2024

Gearing up for a summer of creative sport copy straplines

By Living Word

With the UEFA European Football Championships, Wimbledon and the Summer Olympic Games in Paris all just around the corner, there’s certainly a sporty buzz in the air – and with it, of course, a wide range of creative campaigns promoting sport-related brands and services.

Fittingly, we spotted only recently that our old client, Asics, is riding this wave with some research into how movement impacts the mind – a worthy research topic, most will probably agree, and we’ll look forward to reading the findings.

More than that, though, this reminded us of work we did for Asics in the past. We dug out an old write-up about a project where we got to adapt the main campaign straplines, including ‘It’s a big world. Go run it.’ – and then we fell into a rabbit hole.

We’re huge fans of a good tagline transcreation challenge, as are our linguists, and there’s been no shortage of such fun, creative work coming our way from Asics. There have been TV commercials aplenty, marketing headlines and, indeed, tongue-in-cheek straplines.

‘Revolutions come and go. Evolution lasts forever.’ read one campaign line, while another went, ‘20 years of personal bests and counting’. Then there was the We Are Marathoners video campaign, with lines like: ‘We are marathoners. We leave nothing to chance. We love carbs. We move in herds. We have no shame. We are the worst parade ever.’

All in all, we’ve provided transcreation and creative adaptation of sport campaign copy for Asics in ten languages, from French and Brazilian Portuguese to Korean and Simplified Chinese – some with options and back translations, some without.

This trip down memory lane certainly has us geared up for an active summer. All things going to plan, we won’t just be out in the sun running, but also at our desks, sharpening our pens for more sporty adaptation fun. As Asics would say: It’s a tough world. Go smash it.