Fun August 28, 2015

“Playing the game.”

Katharine Marr
By Katharine Marr
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As an intern you know you’ve got to impress. You know that if you apply your talent effectively, there’s a chance potential employers will want to snap you up permanently. You know you’ve got to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Make yourself indispensible. That’s the ticket!

Well, Canadian creative agency McMillan clearly appreciate their interns, so much so that they created an 8-bit styled computer game featuring interns as playable characters, to say thank you for all their hard work.

The game was designed complete with an old-school point-and-click side-scroller and was handed out in retro, purpose built plastic game cartridge and packaging. McMillan then turned the whole thing into a show by luring the interns to an upstairs meeting space to make them play the game for the first time in front of all their co-workers!

Now you can play the game for yourself here:

…. if you are an intern and would like to work with us, we are looking not only for linguists, but also copywriters and project assistants. We may not be able to promise you your own purpose built computer game, but you’ll come away with a great deal of experience in project management, copywriting, translation, transcription as well as a unique perspective of the industry. Email for more information.