Work July 8, 2020

Learning to Live Life to the Full

By Living Word

At a time when mental health concerns are on the rise, we’re delighted to see a new edition of the Living Life to the Full booklet series launched. This updated, fourth edition has been translated by Living Word into 11 languages and features advice on everything from how to keep your temper to how to learn to look at things differently and understand your feelings.

The new edition of the Living Life to the Full booklets has been updated and modernised considerably to suit the reality of life during the 21st century. What Professor Chris Williams and the Five Areas team didn’t know when embarking on the project, however, was that the world would be hit by a pandemic, and perhaps in greater need of exactly these types of booklets than ever – and urgently so.

Leaflet translation and typesetting example

“We worked with Living Word on a previous edition of the booklets years ago, and they did a great job then. It made perfect sense for us to go back to them to get this new edition translated. Not only did they have all the linguistic expertise we needed in terms of qualified translators for all the right languages, but they were also able to help us quality check the copy, which we’d had to update more quickly than anticipated due to the global crisis.”

Professor Chris Williams, author of the Living Life to the Full booklets

Booklet translation spread

Living Word’s involvement this time around included the exporting of more than 100 files from InDesign, in order to translate, proofread and return them. We produced translations into Arabic, Czech, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Farsi, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian, Urdu, Gujarati and French, and also typesetting of the Punjabi and Gujarati texts. Multilingual typesetting can be tricky, but it is a service we offer in a number of languages, also including Chinese, Arabic and Urdu.

Mental health booklet translation

In addition to the purely linguistic work, this project came with a range of project-management challenges as a result of the sheer volume of documents and the short turn-around required in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The result, however, speaks for itself: a series of beautiful, informative booklets available to a significant audience, just when the world needs them most.

Find details about Living Life to the Full on – also available for residents across the Greater Manchester area.