Work July 17, 2018

“It’s in my nature” Nikon Optics.

Craig Smith
By Craig Smith

Founded in 1917, Nikon is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specialising in optics and imaging products including digital cameras, binoculars and photography accessories.

In 2017 Nikon needed a new strapline to promote their new range of binoculars for their international website with the strap line “It’s in my nature”. This was meant to convey a message of aspiration for a sports orientated audience.

The creative concept.

“Whether it is climbing the highest mountain or catching the biggest fish, real sportsmen are continuously in pursuit of personal excellence. In this pursuit, it is only logical that they should aspire to own the best optic gear money can buy. Gear that doesn’t fail them in the moment of truth, gear that actively helps them achieve their goals, gear that performs beyond their expectation.

The concept of “It’s in my nature”celebrates personal goals and motivations creating a distinct emotional connection between sportsman and their equipment.”

From this creative brief, we were challenged with adapting the strapline into Russian, a notoriously demanding sports audience.

We offered 5 Adaptation options, each with a literal back translation and a rational.

“Моя вторая натура” – My second nature
This expression relates to a habit that became a part of one’s nature.

“Страсть, которой я владею” – Passion in my power
This expression relates to a quote of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: all passions are good if we have them in our power. In this case it would point at a sport which has a power on someone, makes him pursuit it, gives the thrill of the race while you stay in control. The gear helps to stay in control.

“Наперекор стихиям” – To nature an affront
This expression refers to someone who doesn’t afraid to fight the elements, conquer the nature. It is natural that you will use all means to achieve the most challenging goal. The utmost determination of someone or something to achieve a goal.

“Моя жизнь, моя мечта’ – My life, my dream
This expression refers to someone whom life is dedicated to a kind of activity which is also their ‘dream’ as well.

“Это в моей природе” – It’s in my outdoor
In the end the client chose this option. Whilst it wasn’t the most creative option, it is the most literal and managed to captivate more of sense of being outdoor and in the wild.

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