Work April 19, 2017

“Need your English artwork in Chinese or Arabic? No problem!”

By Living Word

Picture this: In front of you is a document or brochure. It’s in English, professionally designed, with a sophisticated typographic layout containing subheadings, pictures, diagrams and tables. You’ve just had it printed and it looks great.

Now you find you need to print it in Chinese… maybe Hindi… or Korean perhaps? What about an Arabic version? Don’t forget, Arabic doesn’t read left to right like English, so the entire document needs to be reversed!

Yes, you need an expert to translate it for you, but you’re also asking yourself: “How will I transfer the copy to my professional artwork? Will the translated symbols break in all the appropriate places and how will the graphics and tables appear?”

Most professional design agencies are not equipped to typeset foreign languages. This is mainly due to a lack of appropriate fonts, correct equipment and people in-house who can understand the languages they’re working with. A false carriage return by someone who doesn’t read Korean, for example, can inevitably lead to disaster!

English > Chinese v2


As one of the world’s leading education and exam bodies, courses developed by CIE are studied worldwide and their exams accepted as entry qualifications by universities on all continents.

This means they have pre-designed course material to help them spread the word, including guides for students, guides for parents, guides for universities, factsheets and more besides. Much of this requires translating and typesetting into a wide variety of languages.

From CIE’s point of view, they simply send us their original English artwork… and we send it back in their chosen language, translated, formatted, typeset and ready to print.

To achieve this, we’ve designed a bespoke workflow for the entire process and work closely with a leading multilingual typesetter to make sure we deliver the best possible result.

Process docs v2

So how does it work?

Actually, we make it pretty simple.

All CIE do is send us their artwork and we work with our typesetter associate to do the rest. One complete package, start to finish!

Our typesetters are true experts at what they do and, following the original layout, they are able to precision flow the translated copy into the artwork, making sure it displays as closely to the original as possible.

As for our client, they retain total control throughout the process as we are able to get them to approve everything before the final stage. And by following our bespoke process, they can easily track each step, knowing what to expect next.

That means if there is anything they feel doesn’t work, or if an image needs updating, we can make adjustments before the final product is delivered.

Example Docs v2

To finish, we produce a high-resolution ‘print-ready’ PDF version of the artwork – ready to go.

All CIE need to do is send it to their printers, anywhere in the world, and distribute it.

What could be a complicated and frustrating process is now simplified and logical. CIE don’t need to worry about the considerations of typesetting as we handle all that for them.

All part of a day’s work for us! Job done.

“The staff are friendly and flexible with work requirements, the work is excellent quality and the turnaround is quick, a great company and a pleasure to work with.”