Standalone proofreading is for your in-house copy or translations

Our Proofreaders will check:

- Spelling and grammar
- Numeric information
- Names and product names
- Overall brand style

Words are our thing. Living Word linguists diligently proofread everything we translate before it leaves our office, as standard - it’s part of our quality control process.

But what if you have already gathered all the material your campaign needs? Well we can offer proofreading of everything, as a standalone service to give you the peace of mind that you haven't missed a beat.

Well-trained eyes can spot any tweaks needed before going live with a project. Our native-speaking copywriters from your target markets will be invaluable in giving you feedback as to how a campaign will come across to your target audience.

An in-house writer will undoubtedly know your brand best, but one major benefit of our proofreading service is that our linguists can use their professional translation skills to ensure the message of the source is correctly interpreted.

For more information about our proofreading service can help you, please

Contact us today.