Work July 31, 2019

Qatar Airways. The World Like Never Before.

Living Word
By Living Word

Qatar Airways, as the name suggests is a state-owned airline based in the city of Doha. The airline employs over 24,000 people and operates more than 200 aircraft linking destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

As one of 180 Kingday’s major clients, Qatar Airways commissioned a campaign aimed at the very special Qatar luxury flight experience, an experience like nothing else.

After work on Qatar’s now established “Going Places Together” strapline in Arabic, we were asked to work on various film and print copy decks for the new campaign, including the voiceover for their forthcoming film, “The World Like Never Before”.

Enter the Qatar dream world.

It was also important to adapt the main tag line in a creative manner, allowing the linguist to deconstruct the thought process behind the message and come up with a choice of phrases in Arabic that conveyed the spirit of the original concept. We asked 180 for a creative rationale behind how they came up with the idea, and ran with what we were given.

An experience like nothing else.

We provided three choices for Qatar to choose from with literal back translations and a rational for each.

  1. “The World Like Never Witnessed Before”
  2. “The World Unveils Its Beautiful Face”
  3. “A New World With Unprecedented Horizons”

Option 1 “The World Like Never Witnessed Before” was finally chosen, with a slight client adjustment to the line amending its literal back translation to “The World Like Never Saw Before”. Of course, in Arabic the line makes far more sense, and can be seen along with our voiceover translations in the finished product here.

End sequence.
Qatar Airways, The World Like Never Before 60″ film.