Work May 3, 2021

Social media translations for Pure Storage

Living Word
By Living Word

Monthly social media content – with technical expertise and quick turn-around. That’s our translation collaboration with Pure Storage in a nutshell.

Since the start of 2021, we have been working with Pure Storage on their social media content, translating texts from English to Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish on a rolling monthly basis.

Typically, the content is all about how Pure’s digital storage solutions help keep the digital assets and information of businesses and individuals safe and secure, and includes infographics as well as simple captions.

The demand for translation of social media content has increased in recent years and is likely to keep growing. We’ve written before about how brands can benefit from social media use, and why multi-language accounts are important if you have audiences beyond your native country borders.

In this particular case, the challenge was not finding qualified linguists with the necessary language skills, but finding those who, in addition, had a sufficient level of technical knowledge to do a good job. The turn-around times have always had to be quick and strict for this project, and we’ve continuously delivered translations in multiple languages simultaneously.

If you need help with your social media content, we’d love to hear from you!