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Attracting the fashion talent. s.Oliver Group.

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Founded in 1969 by Bernd Freier, s.Oliver has seen itself grow from a small boutique with only 25 metres of floor space to one of Europe’s largest fashion companies, owning 173 retail stores in over 30 countries.

As a leading fashion and lifestyle brand, employing approximately 7,800 passionate employees., the s.Oliver group provides exciting employment and training opportunities to a diverse group of people; from school leavers to experienced professionals.

When s.Oliver relaunched their German career website in 2016, we were delighted to be asked by global ad agency MRM McCann to help localise it into English. As a leading fashion brand, s.Oliver’s website exudes creative flair and style, filtering down even to the copy on its career site. Therefore, it was extremely important that our English localisation followed suit, maintaining the brand’s tonality and style throughout. So important in fact, that we provided our client with two draft documents, just to be 100% sure that we were singing from the same hymn sheet stylistically.

With a resounding yes from our client, our carefully selected translator got to working translating and adapting nearly 12,000 words of German copy to suit an English-speaking audience.

Linguistic choices

Website localisation is no easy feat, adapting an existing website for a different target market takes a lot of care and consideration. Cultural differences and linguistic preferences have to be taken into account, ensuring that your website feels completely organic and natural to your target audience.

Let’s take this excerpt from s.Oliver’s German website as an example:

In this example, ‘frankischer Bodenstandigkeit’ literally back translates as ‘franconian down-to-earthness’. Our experienced translator knew that an English audience probably wouldn’t have heard of Franconia and felt that ‘down-to-earthness’ sounded a little clumsy in English and so adapted her translation accordingly.

The result was: “Courage, coupled with Bavarian pragmatism, makes us innovative and unique – as our commercial success impressively proves.”

It is minor details like this that make content localisation so important for commercial success. If you speak to your audience in their language, you’re conversion rates will be much higher.

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