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“Stockholm – high standards & great design.”

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#1 Wild Roving – Living Word’s City Guide.

Probably the most common complaint from language lovers visiting Stockholm is that learning Swedish is impossible here – because everyone’s so keen to show off their English language skills. The flipside is that if you’re here for any other reason, you’re in good hands.

Add some of the world’s best restaurants, beautifully-designed public spaces, and sophistication enough to impress clients of any nationality, and you’ll see why Stockholm is pure joy for both business and fun.

Live like a Swede

One of the quirky benefits of visiting a country renowned for its design and exceptionally high living standards is that you can avoid hotels so standardised that you end up forgetting which country you’re currently in. Why stay in a room with a bed and a wardrobe you most likely won’t bother using when you can experience the city the way the locals do?

Sweden flag, three dimensional render, satin texture

There’s no such thing in Stockholm as a flat without WiFi, comfortable beds, stylish interiors and the latest thing in coffee machines and toastie makers, so check out Airbnb and live like a real Stockholmian.

Food for kings

The high standards of Swedes extend to their expectations of food, so when wining and dining you’re in for a treat. As long as you make sure to stay off the most notorious tourist stretches, you’ll find real gems pretty much everywhere. If you’re meeting a client, try the award-winning Italian food at Den gamle och havet (The old and the sea) near both Odengatan and The Royal Institute of Technology, or its sister restaurant Döden i grytan (Death in the pot) if you’re happy to venture slightly further north. These will impress foodies of all types – but don’t forget to book!

For more hipster vibes but equally excellent food, go south – to Söder – and visit Kvarnen, previously just a beer hall but now doubling up as a self-respecting restaurant with everything from traditional Swedish dishes to French flavours. This is where the cool creatives hang out after a successful pitch or an exhibition opening.

Hip hang-outs

If your clients are night owls or you have waved goodbye and want to unwind over a nice craft beer, head for one of the city’s best views at Söder’s heights and Mosebacketerrassen. The terrace is so big you’ll almost always find a seat, and there’s often live jazz to go with the relaxed atmosphere.


From up here, you have an amazing view across the majority of Stockholm’s sights and attractions, including Fotografiska – your go-to place when in need of a healthy dose of quality art and hip socialising, with or without clients.

Good to know

Taxis aren’t cheap here, partly because Swedes like to cycle everywhere and because the city centre is pretty small. Do yourself a favour and travel by foot, weather permitting, and you’ll get to see charming parts of the city you would otherwise miss. In fact, scrap that about the weather: as a famous Swedish proverb goes, “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.”

How to say hello: Hej! (Remember, Swedes don’t do politeness – at least not the way most other nations do it. They’re not being rude; it’s just the way the language works. If you want to be on the safe side, add “Trevligt att träffas,” which means “Nice to meet you.”)

How to say thank you: Tack! (Again, no need to over-complicate things. You may hear variations of this though: Tack så mycket. Tackar tackar. Tack ska du ha.)