Work August 23, 2018

Summer Passions running high at

Living Word
By Living Word markets itself as Planet Earth’s #1 accommodation site and certainly lives up to this statement, working with over 265,000 hotels in 178 countries. In 2013, launched its first ever brand campaign ‘Booking.yeah’ with the help of advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

Originally created for a US audience, the ‘Booking.yeah’ campaign was a huge success, transforming the word ‘booking’ “from a simple transaction and company name into an adjective for the sheer, unbridled joy and satisfaction when you open the door to your accommodation and know you’ve got it rightquoting W+K Amsterdam.

The campaign soon made its way onto TV screens in Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, enhancing the brand’s global presence.

Five years later on, has seen many developments. One of which was the launch of an innovative new way to search, allowing users to search for destinations based on their passions.

And what better way to get people passionate than sporting events?

Sporting extravaganzas in France and Rio de Janeiro certainly got people riled up in the summer of 2016, providing an epic advertising opportunity for

A cameo appearance.

With legendary footballer and official ambassador for 2016’s summer of sport, Thierry Henry, making a cameo in the campaign’s main film ‘Get in the Game’, W+K Amsterdam had the ball in the net.  Now all they needed was to make the campaign accessible to excited football fans in France and Rio.

Creative marketing campaigns like this require creative translations, and so W+K Amsterdam invited us at Living Word to join the game.

In keeping with their playful and quirky style, our experts got to work transcreating’s Summer Passions scripts into French and Spanish. W+K Amsterdam now had everything they needed to score highly with their Summer Passions campaign.

The film showcases’s passion search feature, allowing users to search by their individual interests rather than limiting users to a specific city or hotel. Whether you’re a keen surfer or wanting to get a little closer to your favourite sporting heroes, can find the best destination and accommodation to suit your needs!

The French version is currently streaming at France Youtube channel here.