Work May 12, 2016

“Hot on the press.” Suzuki.

By Living Word

Originally founded in 1887 to produce and export Japanese weaving machines, car giant Suzuki has since grown into a worldwide business and highly acclaimed automotive brand. Suzuki employs more than 45,000 people worldwide and distributes to 192 countries.

Suzuki logo

Suzuki Press image

What are they saying?

As you can imagine, the world’s media magazines have their eyes fixed on every new car model or update Suzuki releases and, just like any other automotive manufacturer, Suzuki likes to keep tabs on what the global industry press is saying about them, by monitoring the feedback.

Very often, these articles are hot off the press and it’s important that Suzuki know what they say, often within a matter of hours! So when that feedback is in an unfamiliar language, Suzuki’s need for a fast, accurate translation brings them to our door.

We need to know.

Working on the translations of these press articles, tech spec and feature comparisons and reviews is very specific. The main focus is on quickly providing accurate information to the client for internal review. So, although we use the same principles as usual – qualified, experienced linguists familiar with industry terminology – for these projects we must always focus our efforts on staying faithful to the source meaning. In this instance, a very free creative translation is neither appropriate nor necessary

The final product we send back to Suzuki is a full rendering of the article, complete with headlines, sub heads, captions and tables, ensuring it reads as well in English as it did in the source language.

Thanks Living Word.

Our expertise and willingness to work fast under pressure mean Suzuki no longer have to wonder what the press is saying about the latest addition to the Suzuki family, or where their new SUV sits in a motoring magazine’s league table.

They know they can rely on our translations to give them the complete picture every time!