Engage your audiences in foreign markets with native language texts

As a professional translation agency, we will ensure your language translation:

- Maintains the core meaning of your text
- Uses a tonality suited to your audience
- Reads naturally, as well as being culturally and politically correct

At its simplest, translation is about the conversion of a text to a different language, but here at Living Word we don’t like to be so literal. Some might think there is only one ‘correct’ way of translating any given phrase or word, however the reality is there may often be dozens.

Language translation is never about simply rendering words in another tongue as there are so many other factors to take into account. Good language translation incorporates the context, style, tone and provenance of the source text and transforms it into natural, flowing text that is faithful to the writer’s intent.

As a professional translation agency, we at Living Word understand this and hand pick our linguists based on their proven ability to translate your message into text your audience will love. They are all highly qualified and many have specialist knowledge in certain fields, such as advertising, marketing, automotive, engineering and music. And when it comes to the World Wide Web, we can even translate your site directly in HTML.

The translators we select for you will be native speakers of the target language and therefore fully understand its culture and ideology, as well as how it is evolving in the modern world.

Hence, all our translations are creative to some degree. We make sure they are localised for your target audience, taking everything into account so your message remains clear and powerful in translation.

And to be doubly sure you get a translation that precisely meets your needs, all our work is proofread by an equally qualified and experienced linguist before it is delivered to you - so you can rest assured your translation will be as good as it can be.

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