Foreign Language Typesetting

Ensuring every character is in the right place.

Our foreign language typesetting service will ensure your text:

- is typeset to match your source publication
- is correctly formatted
- is correctly translated and thoroughly proofread

At Living Word, we understand your translation needs to look the part too. From Arabic to Gujarati, Korean to Urdu, we’ll make sure your words are dressed for the part before your users see them.

This is all part of our foreign language typesetting service.

We can process your needs, from start to finish, including translation and proofreading (If required), professional typesetting and a final check to ensure the product is completely print ready.

Our world contains an abundance of writing systems, and with them come enough formatting and typesetting rules to leave your head spinning.

For instance, in many Slavic languages, some single letter words cannot be separated from the following word, and French punctuation marks are preceded by a space. Unless it’s Canadian French, that is. Fortunately, we know these things! We also know that getting the typesetting right is crucial to your marketing needs.

Some languages, including Arabic and Urdu, are read right to left, and our foreign language typesetting service can take the headache out of this for you. We create a mirror image that reads in the right direction and is typeset to suit your audience.

Add to that a host of different alphabets, and you will see why foreign language typesetting is not something to be messed with! Chinese, Thai, Russian and Arabic typesetting are second nature to us, so leave it to the experts and we will make sure that your materials don’t just sound perfect but look the part too!

We can offer Arabic typesetting, Chinese typesetting, Russian typesetting, Thai typesetting, Urdu typesetting - in fact, almost any language you can think of.

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