Work June 7, 2023

Underwear (and straplines) too good to hide

By Living Word

We’re thrilled to share the news that we’re expanding our collaboration with underwear brand sloggi, the younger sibling of underwear brand Triumph.

sloggi is all about bold and witty everyday comfort, and Living Word has had the pleasure of helping out with the translation of campaign copy and adaptation of straplines for a number of recent newsletters.

sloggi’s tone of voice is simple and informal, always saying things as they are. The overall vibe is free-spirited and light-hearted but bold and unconventionally real, with Gen Z being the primary target audience across socials.

sloggi web campaign copy translation

Our first job for sloggi involved the translation of newsletters into French for Belgium, Dutch (Flemish) for Belgium and Dutch for Netherlands. We went about this by transcreating into Dutch and then localising that version for Belgium. The second commission was similar but involving more languages, a total of eight.

Another two jobs later, we were thrilled to get confirmation that Living Word will be the go-to agency for any transcreation needs for the Benelux region, typically involving a couple of product specifications and a few promotions every month.

sloggi campaign translation

We’re delighted to continue to work with such a refreshing, playful brand. To date, the collaboration has seen us work with uplifting straplines such as ‘Don’t panic, it’s organic!’ and campaign copy for No Pants Day, among other things. We’re looking forward to more no-nonsense underwear transcreation in the months to come!

sloggi website localisation transcreation