Insights May 26, 2020

Why we don’t talk about quality

Living Word
By Living Word

If you’re on the lookout for a transcreation agency, you’ll have seen plenty of promises of top-quality translations and high-quality localisations and quality this, that, and the other. But not here on the Living Word website. Why? Allow us to explain.

We talk a lot about the value in trusting professionals and allowing a qualified linguist to localise your content. The idea that paying to get transcreation done professionally is always worth every penny is a key belief here at Living Word.

What is it we’re really saying? Can you read between the lines?

In our minds, while quality is paramount, it can’t be pitched as an added benefit. The very reason why you’re paying for a professional service is that you know that quality matters; you know that doing things properly is worthwhile, and you know that, in trusting qualified translators to do the job, you’re getting quality bang for your buck.

Add the descriptor ‘quality’ to a service pitch, and you have to ask yourself what the alternative is. Why does it need to be said that the product is of the highest quality? Are the other services offered of insufficient quality? In the absence of quality, what’s there to pay for?

Quality as the most basic standard

Isn’t quality plain and simple the most basic requirement we can set for a service provider to be allowed to call themselves a professional agency? We think so – and that’s why you won’t see us trying to differentiate ourselves with promises of quality.

Like many others, we provide a quality offering – and in addition, we’re nimble and flexible.

Like many others, we take pride in offering quality customer service – and in addition, we’re friendly and approachable.

There are many ways for a professional transcreation agency to stand out. Quality, however, should always be a given.