Work November 5, 2018

Your Data Matters! ICO.

Craig Smith
By Craig Smith

Personal Data has became a hot topic in Europe and the UK, with the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR raised many questions about the security of our personal data and how it is used. Not just for businesses, but for every member of the pubic

The people needed to know!

This is why the UK’s independent body set up to hold information rights, The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) launched their ‘Your Data Matters’ campaign.

The campaign needed to talk about data in a clear and direct way for the general public to easily understand and relate to. Top Manchester agency, Squad, was employed to create a poster concept that’d get straight to the point, in an eye-catching and interesting set of designs.

A Welsh audience.

As with many of the ICO’s public campaigns, these posters would also be seen by a Welsh speaking audience and having worked with the ICO for over 10 years, Living Word was approached to take care of the Welsh translations for the campaign.

We were tasked with translating and typesetting this suite of professionally designed posters, keeping them on brand and consistent, whilst adapting them so nothing would be lost in their tone and message.

And here at Living Word we were very proud of the end result! Here are a few to show you.

The project slotted neatly into Living Word’s unique and flexible translation process.  A process that gives the client complete control over their project, in a way that is convenient to them. Ensuring that clients like ICO come back and work with us time and again.